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We are delighted to welcome you to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Youth and Education Alliance (YEA!) Global Summit. Taking place on 5th July 2022, this virtual Global Summit will bring together YEA! partners and the wider higher education community to provide an opportunity for universities and colleges around the world to learn more about YEA!, to get involved in a variety of initiatives to support climate action on campus, and to hear from higher education practitioners, youth and government representatives.


The YEA! Global Summit is a partnership between UNEP, EAUC and Tongji University.


The YEA! Global Summit will focus on:

  • How university and college systems are adapting to meet the climate challenges we are facing and what more needs to be done;

  • How we can transform society through higher and further education;

  • How Governments can advance the efforts of higher and further education.


The YEA! Global Summit will seek to:

  • Globally platform the work of YEA! and its partners and to make connections with youth, policy makers and higher and further education around the world;

  • Galvanize and inspire new ideas on how higher and further education can make a meaningful difference;

  • Celebrate regional best practices as a model to inspire others.


Who should attend:

  • Senior staff in universities and colleges

  • Sustainability professionals

  • Higher and further education practitioners

  • Students

  • Policy Makers

  • Governments

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